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We are American and Ukrainian volunteers educating Ukraine’s youth in democracy: Its history, meaning, and value.  A strong foundation for a strong future.

BUD President Eric Putzig moved from the USA to Ukraine after Russia’s invasion and, with BUD Co-Founder Dean Anton Demchuk in Ukraine, is working as a volunteer with Ukraine’s top universities and their students.  Currently we are developing the “Democracy” course, which has already been delivered to students of two national universities during its alpha testing in the winter semester of 2013.  Ukrainian youth are determined to build and defend a free and democratic nation, and a sophisticated understanding of democracy will be invaluable.

BUD is a registered US 501c3 nonprofit: your donations tax deductible.  We are VOLUNTEERS - American and Ukrainian - with decades of experience, working to ensure that democracy survives and thrives in Ukraine.  We need your help.

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