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BUD is a small nonprofit corporation with 501(c)3 status (making your donations tax deductible) registered in the state of Texas.  Created in 2023, our story is a simple one.

Eric Putzig, who typically implements US Government projects to develop institutions of law and has 23 years of experience living/working/studying outside the United States in 12 countries, is absolutely opposed to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.  He volunteered his services and moved to Ukraine in February of 2023, where he developed and taught three different courses at two national universities in the city of Lutsk.  It was a major achievement that both universities agreed to have their students pooled together in the same courses, and demonstrates the hard work of BUD and the universities.

During those early days a productive relationship developed between Eric Putzig and Dean Anton Demchuk of the Law Faculty of Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University.  That partnership led to the creation of BUD.  We created and taught two fulltime courses for the spring semester of 2023: "Legislating for Democratic Social Change" and "Legal Research and Writing".  Over time we identified a more specific need and are now focused on a single project concept that could have enormous positive impact for all of Ukraine: Development of a “Democracy” course to be disseminated throughout all of Ukraine’s universities.


"Democracy" was created and taught in the fall semester of 2023 as an alpha testing phase.  We continue to amend the course as a result of that alpha test.  In 2024 we plan to video-record the amended course, add the options of subtitles and dubbed versions, and disseminate to other national universities for a beta-testing phase.  We also continue to conduct fact-finding missions and outreach events for university students, high school students, and the general public.

Build Ukraine Democracy (BUD) seeks to strengthen the already strong intellect of Ukraine’s younger generations.  All reputable metrics identify Ukraine as having one of the highest (if not the highest) literacy rates in the world.  Its university graduates have well-deserved recognition as being some of the best engineers, mathematicians, and scientists.  However, BUD identified a lack of unified effort to illuminate an understanding of democracy in Ukrainian society.  This “gap” works against Ukrainian efforts to evolve into a more democratic nation that joins the European Union, and with a population of over 40 million people, rich in resources and economic potential for massive growth, a thriving Ukrainian democracy will be a valuable addition to the global family of democratic nations.  We should not let this opportunity escape us.  More important: It is the right thing to do.

We believe that democracy is worth fighting for.  We need to fight for it, and we need to help those that fight for it.  Build Ukraine Democracy (BUD) seeks to ensure that the younger generations of Ukraine have a comprehensive understanding of democracy: Its history, meaning, and appreciation of its value.  A strong democratic Ukraine strengthens the global family of democracies: Their fight is our fight.

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